Chao-Xi Chen

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The prevalence of qnr genes was investigated in veterinary clinical isolates of Escherichia coli in Guangdong province, China, and the aac (6')-Ib gene and the mutations in QRDRs of gyrase and topoisomerase IV were examined in qnr-positive strains. A total of 232 E. coli strains isolated from pig and poultry were screened for the presence of the qnrA, qnrB(More)
A survey of dairy goats for infection with Eimeria species of coccidia was conducted in the Shaanxi province, northwestern China between December and November 2010, including Saanen and Guanzhong breeds. A total of 584 fecal samples (250 and 334 from Saanen and Guanzhong dairy goats, respectively) in six farms were collected. Eimeria oocysts were seen in(More)
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