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Scheme for realizing entanglement concentration via generalized measurements
How to concentrate non-maximally entangled states for quantum communication is a fundamental problem in quantum information. In this paper, we will apply generalized measurements to entanglementExpand
Protecting multipartite entanglement against weak-measurement-induced amplitude damping by local unitary operations
We propose a scheme for protecting tripartite entanglement against weak measurement-induced decaying caused by weak-measurement-induced damping. Expand
Protecting remote atomic entanglement against spontaneous emission by separated photonic pulses
We study the entanglement dynamics between two spatially separated atoms trapped in two separate optical cavities. Based on cavity-assisted interactions between the atoms and separated photonicExpand
Transformation of bipartite non-maximally entangled states into a tripartite W state in cavity QED
We present two schemes for transforming bipartite non-maximally entangled states into a W state in cavity QED system, by using highly detuned interactions and the resonant interactions betweenExpand