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Development of multiband phase shifters in 180-nm RF CMOS technology with active loss compensation
We present the design and development of a novel integrated multiband phase shifter that has an embedded distributed amplifier for loss compensation in 0.18-/spl mu/m RF CMOS technology. The phaseExpand
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On the feasibility of CMOS multiband phase shifters for multiple-antenna transmitters
We present the design of an integrated multiband phase shifter in RF CMOS technology for phased array transmitters. The phase shifter has an embedded classical distributed amplifier for lossExpand
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High repetition rate passively Q-switched erbium-doped fiber laser incorporating an electro-absorption modulator
We report a novel passively Q-switched fiber laser using an electro-absorption modulator (EAM) as a saturable absorber. The fast response time of the EAM enables the Q-switched fiber laser to operateExpand
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Effective single reflection peak from large diameter microfiber Bragg gratings
We experimentally demonstrated that the taper length of larger diameter microfibers can be controlled to filter out the higher order modes of LP0N to cladding mode to obtain a single reflection peak.
Contact force sensor based on microfiber Bragg grating
We demonstrate a miniature contact force sensor based on a 30-μm diameter microfiber Bragg grating packaged with a conforming elastomer material features extremely high sensitivity up to 0.8-mN toExpand