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Although <i>Recommender Systems</i> have been comprehensively analyzed in the past decade, the study of social-based recommender systems just started. In this paper, aiming at providing a general method for improving recommender systems by incorporating social network information, we propose a matrix factorization framework with social regularization. The(More)
Papaya, a fruit crop cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, is known for its nutritional benefits and medicinal applications. Here we report a 3x draft genome sequence of 'SunUp' papaya, the first commercial virus-resistant transgenic fruit tree to be sequenced. The papaya genome is three times the size of the Arabidopsis genome, but contains fewer(More)
The Web abounds with dyadic data that keeps increasing by every single second. Previous work has repeatedly shown the usefulness of extracting the interaction structure inside dyadic data [21, 9, 8]. A commonly used tool in extracting the underlying structure is the matrix factorization, whose fame was further boosted in the Netflix challenge [26]. When we(More)
The effects of nano-TiO2 (rutile) and non-nano-TiO2 on the germination and growth of naturally aged spinach seeds were studied by measuring the germination rate and the germination and vigor indexes of aged spinach seeds. An increase of these factors was observed at 0.25–4‰ nano-TiO2 treatment. During the growth stage, the plant dry weight was increased, as(More)
Although the biological effects of some nanomaterials have already been assessed, information on toxicity and possible mechanisms of various particle types are insufficient. Moreover, the role of particle properties in the toxic reaction remains to be fully understood. In this paper, we aimed to explore the interrelationship between particle size, shape,(More)
Tissue and molecular heterogeneities are present in the developing secondary palate along the anteroposterior (AP) axis in mice. Here, we show that Wnt5a and its receptor Ror2 are expressed in a graded manner along the AP axis of the palate. Wnt5a deficiency leads to a complete cleft of the secondary palate, which exhibits distinct phenotypic alterations at(More)
OBJECTIVE The oxidation of LDLs is considered a key step in the development of atherosclerosis. How LDL oxidation contributes to atherosclerosis remains poorly defined. Here we report that oxidized and glycated LDL (HOG-LDL) causes aberrant endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and that the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) suppressed HOG-LDL-triggered ER(More)
Recently more evidences support baicalein (Bai) is neuroprotective in models of ischemic stroke. This study was conducted to determine the molecular mechanisms involved in this effect. Either permanent or transient (2 h) middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) was induced in rats in this study. Permanent MCAO led to larger infarct volumes in contrast to(More)
Dwell time on Web pages has been extensively used for various information retrieval tasks. However, some basic yet important questions have not been sufficiently addressed, <i>eg,</i> what distribution is appropriate to model the distribution of dwell times on a Web page, and furthermore, what the distribution tells us about the underlying browsing(More)