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The ability to detect and identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in a single population is often limited. Analyzing multiple populations in QTL analysis improves the power of detecting QTLs and provides a better understanding of their functional allelic variation and distribution. In this study, a consensus map of the common carp was constructed, based on(More)
We present a finite element model for the analysis of a mechanical phenomenon involving dynamic expulsion of fluids from a fully saturated porous solid matrix in the regime of large deformation. Momentum and mass conservation laws are written in Lagrangian form by a pull-back from the current configuration to the reference configuration following the solid(More)
Bias correction of meteorological variables from climate model simulations is a routine strategy for circumventing known limitations of state-of-the-art general circulation models. Although the assessment of climate change impacts often depends on the joint variability of multiple variables, commonly used bias correction methodologies treat each variable(More)
(2013) 2.5D large eddy simulation of vertical axis wind turbine in consideration of high angle of attack flow. Abstract A renewed interest in vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) has been seen recently. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is regarded as a promising technique for aerodynamic studies of VAWTs. In particular, 2D unsteady Reynolds-averaged(More)
We propose a novel method to achieve tunable plasmon focusing in graphene/photonic-crystal hybrid structure exhibiting all-angle negative refraction at terahertz frequencies. A two-dimensional photonic crystal composed of a square lattice of dielectric rods is constructed on the substrate of a graphene sheet to provide the hyperbolic dispersion relations of(More)
Silicon photonics integrated circuits (Si-PIC) with well-established active and passive building elements are progressing towards large-scale commercialization in optical communications and high speed optical interconnects applications. However, current Si-PICs do not have memory capabilities, in particular, the non-volatile memory functionality for energy(More)
As a new eco-friendly thermoelectric material, copper tin sulfide (Cu2SnS3) ceramics were experimentally studied by Zn-doping. Excellent electrical transport properties were obtained by virtue of 3-dimensionally conductive network for holes, which are less affected by the coexistence of cubic and tetragonal phases that formed upon Zn subsitition for Sn; a(More)
The Ontong Java-Manihiki-Hikurangi plateau (OJMHP) is considered to have originated from a starting mantle plume, and have been rifted apart by two spreading ridges. However, the ages of these spreading ridges and their possible interactions with the presumed mantle plume are unclear. The Manihiki-Hikurangi plateau has been rifted apart by the Osbourn(More)
Forest topsoil supports vegetation growth and contains the majority of soil nutrients that are important indices of soil fertility and quality. Therefore, estimating forest topsoil properties, such as soil organic matter (SOM), total nitrogen (Total N), pH, litter-organic (O-A) horizon depth (Depth) and available phosphorous (AvaP), is of particular(More)