Chao-Kang Liao

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The use of gold nanorods for photoacoustic molecular imaging with simultaneous multiple targeting is reported. Multiple targeting is done by utilizing the tunable optical absorption property of gold nanorods. This technique allows multiple molecular signatures to be obtained by simply switching laser wavelength. HER2 and EGFR were chosen as the primary(More)
Photoacoustic (PA) imaging has been used mainly for anatomical and functional imaging. Although functionalized nanoparticles also have been developed for PA molecular imaging, only single targeting has been demonstrated. In this study, PA imaging of multiple targets using gold nanorods is demonstrated experimentally using HER2 and CXCR4 as target molecules.(More)
A quantitative flow measurement method that utilizes a sequence of photoacoustic images is described. The method is based on the use of gold nanorods as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging. The peak optical absorption wavelength of a gold nanorod depends on its aspect ratio, which can be altered by laser irradiation (we establish a wash-in flow(More)
Optoacoustic (OA) imaging is an emerging technology that combines the high optical contrast of tissues with the high spatial resolution of ultrasound. Taking full advantage of OA imaging requires a better understanding of OA wave propagation in light-absorbing media. Current simulation methods are mainly based on simplified conditions such as thermal(More)
The hypothesis that quantitative blood flow measurements are feasible with the time-intensity based method in photoacoustic imaging using gold nanoparticles as contrast agent is experimentally tested. The in vitro results show good linearity between the measurements and the theory, thus suggesting the potential of relative photoacoustic flow measurements(More)
There has been number of android mobile apps available for clients to solve their daily problems. This paper presents a Motion Gesture based mobile (GESMO) app in Android which allows user to draw gestures in the air resulting opening of a desired app assigned to corresponding gesture. This gesture may be the first letter of an app name which is to be(More)
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