Chao-Kai Chang

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The aim of this study was to develop an optimal microencapsulation method for an oil-soluble component (curcumin) using γ-PGA. The results show that Span80 significantly enhances the encapsulation efficiency (EE) of γ-Na(+)-PGA microcapsules. Therefore, the effects of γ-Na(+)-PGA, curcumin and Span80 concentration on EE of γ-Na(+)-PGA microcapsules were(More)
PURPOSE Dry eye is the most common complication after LASIK procedure and is associated with corneal denervation. We conducted the study to compare dry eye parameters and corneal sensitivity (CS) after laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) with a femtosecond laser (FS) or microkeratome (MK). METHODS In this prospective, nonrandomized, comparative study, 87(More)
This study reports on the optimization of the extraction conditions of cordycepin from Cordyceps militaris by using ultrasonication. For this purpose, the orthogonal experimental design was used to investigate the effects of factors on the ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE). Four factors: extraction time (min), ethanol concentration (%), extraction(More)
AIM To analyze the clinical factors influencing the human vision corrections via the changing of ocular components of human eye in various applications; and to analyze refractive state via a new effective axial length. METHODS An effective eye model was introduced by the ocular components of human eye including refractive indexes, surface radius (r1, r2,(More)
In this study, we establish a method to create speech and text synchronized audiobooks with “speech recognition” and “cloud text-to-speech” technology. The user can prepare his own arbitrary articles to create the learning materials for "Shadowing technique" with this method. Besides, the materials are made by "word-level" speech and text synchronized(More)
AIM To analyze the efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) light initiating corneal cross-linking (CXL). METHODS The time-dependent absorption of UV light due to the depletion of the initiator (riboflavin) was calculated. The effective dose of CXL with corneal surface covered by a thin layer of riboflavin was derived analytically. The cross linking time was(More)
Third-party payer systems are consistently associated with health care cost escalation. Taiwan's single-payer, universal coverage National Health Insurance (NHI) adopted global budgeting (GB) to achieve cost control. This study captures ophthalmologists' response to GB, specifically service volume changes and service substitution between low-revenue and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate suitable condition for extraction of the active components from Ajuga nipponensis (A. nipponensis). METHODS Orthogonal experimental design was used to determine the optimal extraction parameters for ecdysterones and flavonoids. Finally, the hepatoprotective abilities of A. nipponensis extracts were evaluated by CCl4-induced animal(More)
Polysaccharopeptides (PSPs) are among the main bioactive constituents of Trametes versicolor (T. versicolor). The purpose of this research was to investigate the antioxidant activities of enzymatic hydrolysates obtained from T. versicolor polysaccharopeptides by 80 U/mL β-1,3-glucanase (PSPs-EH80). The half-inhibitory concentration (IC50) of PSPs-EH80 in(More)
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