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The histochemical and cytochemical localization of carbonic anhydrase activity in the inner ear of guinea pig was studied with Hansson's method and modified Yokota's method. All cells possessing the cell membrane infoldings are proved to have the enzymatic activity. The cochlear hair cells show strong enzymatic activity while the vestibular hair cells show(More)
We have previously observed that both polyamines and an autocrine mechanism are involved in the stimulation by ovine PRL (oPRL) of growth of the N-nitrosomethylurea-induced rat mammary tumor cultured in vitro in the soft agar clonogenic assay. These experiments were designed to test the interaction between these two pathways of oPRL action in this system.(More)
Primary cultures of human uterine smooth muscle cells have been widely used as a model system to evaluate agents that may play a role in the regulation of both normal and abnormal proliferative responses. We have used this in vitro system to determine if human uterine smooth muscle cells are responsive to treatment with a potent natural derivative of(More)
Previous studies have established the ovarian granulosa cell as a site of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) secretion and action, suggesting an autocrine function for this peptide in the ovary. To better understand how this putative autocrine system is regulated and its interface with the classic ovarian trophic hormones FSH, LH, and estradiol (E2), we(More)
The observation that GH deficiency delays the onset of puberty has raised the question of the effect of GH on gonadal development. In addition, recent studies in the rat have indicated that GH is able to elevate ovarian levels of immunoreactive insulin-like growth factor I (iIGF-I) in vivo and enhance FSH-induced granulosa cell differentiation in vitro. To(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine mechanisms involved in the regulation of protein synthesis in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were maintained in a chemically defined serum-free medium in the presence or absence of insulin. The rate of protein synthesis in hepatocytes deprived of insulin between days 2 and 5 of culture was reduced(More)
Ca2+ concentrations ([Ca2+]) in cytosol and nucleus in fura-2-loaded cultured rat hepatocytes were determined by three-dimensional (3-D) optical-sectioning microscopy. After determining the empirical 3-D point spread function of the fluorescence microscope-coupled digital video imaging system, contaminating light arising from optical planes above and below(More)
To evaluate the regulation of ovarian insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) during follicular growth in vivo, we measured the concentration of this peptide in follicular fluid (FFL) of immature gilts during the induction of follicular development by pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin (PMSG) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). FFL concentrations of(More)
Numerous data indicate that epidermal growth factor has important effects on cultured granulosa cells. However, most of the few attempts to detect epidermal growth factor in ovarian tissue have been unrevealing. In this study, ovarian epidermal growth factor-like activity was easily detected by a radioreceptor assay based on the A431 cell line but not by an(More)
The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been considered to be fundamental in determining the acceptance of new technology in the past decades. The two beliefs, ease of use and usefulness, in the model may not, however, fully explain the consumers' behavior in an emerging environment, such as mobile commerce (m-commerce). This paper aims to develop a(More)