Chao-Jung Chen

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This study presents an effective method for detecting vehicles in front of the camera-assisted car during nighttime driving. The proposed method detects vehicles based on detecting and locating vehicle headlights and taillights using techniques of image segmentation and pattern analysis. First, to effectively extract bright objects of interest, a(More)
In this paper, an intelligent automated lane-keeping system is proposed and implemented on our vehicle platform, i.e., TAIWAN i TS-1. This system challenges the online integrating heterogeneous systems such as a real-time vision system, a lateral controller, in-vehicle sensors, and a steering wheel actuating motor. The implemented vision system detects the(More)
Thousands of people are killed or injured in the vehicle accidents which are mostly caused by the carelessness of humans. Therefore, if there exists a warning system which can notify the driver of the approaching vehicles and the lane departure, the terrible tragedies can be greatly avoided. Moreover, if the driving status, such as the situation around the(More)
In this paper, the vehicle detection with distance estimation algorithm is proposed by using two CCD cameras mounted on the both side mirrors of our experimental car, TAIWAN iTS-1. The Sobel edge pixels and gray intensity are applied for the lane marking and vehicle detection in our work. A new detection which utilizes a lane prediction technique to reduce(More)
This paper proposes an effective blind spot warning system (BSWS) for daytime and night-time conditions. The proposed BSWS includes camera models of a dynamic calibration and blind spot detection (BSD) algorithms for the daytime and nighttime. Under daytime conditions , the proposed system presents the Horizontal Edge and Shadow Composite Region (HESCR)(More)
In this paper, a vision-based lane-keeping automated steering system is proposed and is successfully verified in our vehicle platform, TAIWAN iTS-1. The proposed steering system can achieve the accurate detection of the complicated road environment information; and more, the closed-loop automated lane-keeping steering system with virtual look-ahead is(More)
We present here the case of a 40-year-old woman with a greater than 10 year prior history of bilateral breast silicone injection and saline bag implantation. Bilateral palpable breast nodules were observed, but the ultrasound scan was suboptimal and the magnetic resonance imaging showed no gadolinium-enhanced tumor. The (18)F-FDG PET/CT scan showed a(More)
This manuscript addresses the design and implementation of an encrypted mobile embedded surveillance system, EMESS, including a wireless server and mobile devices. Not only the mobility of the hand-held devices, but also the surveillance system can work in a moving body, then, a real mobile surveillance system is provided. In the security applications of(More)