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Current Web search engines generally impose link analysis-based re-ranking on web-page retrieval. However, the same techniques, when applied directly to small web search such as intranet and site search, cannot achieve the same performance because their link structures are different from the global Web. In this paper, we propose an approach to constructing(More)
Despite of the popularity of global search engines, people still suffer from low accuracy of site search. The primary reason lies in the difference of link structures and data scale between global Web and website, which leads to failures of traditional re-ranking methods such as HITS, PageRank and DirectHit. This paper proposes a novel re-ranking method(More)
Current search engines generally employ link analysis techniques to web-page re-ranking. However, the same techniques are problematic in small webs, such as websites or intranet webs, because the link structure is different from the global Web. We propose a re-ranking mechanism based on implicit links generated from user access patterns. Experimental(More)
Nuclear receptors (NRs) are a diverse class of transcription factors, which are involved in regulating a large number of physiological events in metazoans. However, the function of NRs is poorly understood in plant-parasitic nematodes. Here, members of the NR1J+K group of NRs in nematodes, including the free-living and plant parasites, were examined and(More)
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