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A 3-month-long experiment was conducted to ascertain the effects of different concentrations of myclobutanil (0.4 mg kg(-1) soil [T1]; 1.2 mg kg(-1) soil [T3]; and 4 mg kg(-1) soil [T10]) on soil microbial biomass, respiration, and soil nitrogen transformations using two typical agricultural soils (Henan fluvo-aquic soil and Shanxi cinnamon soil). Soil was(More)
In the present study, a rapid analytical method was developed to determine the residue of sulfoxaflor in milk, pork, eggs, porcine liver, porcine kidney, porcine fat, and chicken. The dispersive solid-phase extraction (d-SPE) and multiplug filtration cleanup (m-PFC) based on multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were compared for sulfoxaflor in the above(More)
The ecological risks of widely used hexaconazole on soil microbes remain obscure. Thus, a 3-month-long experiment using two typical paddy soils in China (red soil and black soil) was conducted to assess the effects of hexaconazole (0.6 (T1) and 6 (T10) mgkg-1 soil) on the overall microbial biomass, respiratory activity, bacterial abundance and community(More)
A sensitive and effective method for the simultaneous determination of residues from a new fungicide, oxathiapiprolin, and its metabolites (IN-E8S72 and IN-WR791) in soil, water, and sediment, was developed using ultra high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. Three compounds were extracted from water, soil, and sediment by using(More)
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