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To improve the cytotoxicity of PEI25k and the transfection efficiency of poly(beta-amino ester) with DNA, we synthesized a poly(beta-amino ester), PEDP, bearing ester linkages in the backbone and tertiary amines in the backbone and side chain and prepared a binary mixture, PEDP-PEI25k, using physical blending meyhod. Both poly(beta-amino ester) PEDP and(More)
DBM (dibenzoylmethane) is a minor constituent of licorice that has antimutagenic activity. However, its other biological activities are not well-known. The structurally related beta-diketones hydroxydibenzoylmethane (HDB) and hydroxymethyldibenzoylmethane (HMDB) were able to induce apoptosis in colorectal carcinoma COLO 205 cells. Thus, the effect of(More)
The present study used a directed forgetting paradigm to investigate whether socially anxious individuals show a memory bias for social information. Socially anxious and non-anxious participants viewed three types of words: socially negative, socially positive, and neutral. Each word was presented on a computer screen and was followed by a cue instructing(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the ratio of sulfur added to total sediment solids (SA/TS) on the remobilization of heavy metals from contaminated river sediment by indigenous sulfur-oxidizing bacteria. Also, the difference in metal binding fractions before and after bioleaching was explored. It was found that sediment pH decreased at a(More)
New glycidyl-based (epoxide-based) poly(aminoester) (EPAE) containing hydroxyl and amino groups in the backbone and side chain was synthesized. EPAE self-assembled readily with the plasmid DNA(pCMV-betagal) in HEPES buffer and was characterized by dynamic light scattering, Zeta-potential, fluorescence images, and XTT cell viability assays. To evaluate the(More)
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