Chao-Hsiang Lee

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BACKGROUND Sternal wound infection causes considerable morbidity and mortality for open-heart patients. Treatment of the wounds at the upper two-thirds is easier with pectoralis major muscle or other flaps. However, there would be more problems with the lower one-third sternal wounds. METHODS From 1983 to 2007, 32 patients of osteomyelitis involving the(More)
A wide variety of factors causing vascular thrombosis in the microvascular free flap reconstruction have been encountered. The most frequent situation in our experiences has been vascular kinking because of improper positioning. It has been reported that the best way to avoid kinking is to place the vessels at a neutral axis. However, curving the pedicles(More)
BACKGROUND Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) is a rare life-threatening disorder characterized by extensive epidermal necrolysis. Its mortality which varies from 20% to 60% is related to risk factors such as age, extent of epidermal detachment, and base deficit. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to investigate the risk factors of mortality in our(More)
The evidence concerning open lung biopsy (OLB) for diffuse pulmonary infiltrates in patients with AIDS is limited. This study retrospectively evaluated the diagnostic and therapeutic yields of OLB compared with bronchoscopy for patients with AIDS with diffuse pulmonary infiltrate treated in the National Taiwan University Hospital from 1997 to 2004. There(More)
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