Chao-Hong Liu

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The paper describes the OntoNotes, a multilingual (English, Chinese and Arabic) corpus with large-scale semantic annotations, including predicate-argument structure, word senses, ontology linking, and coreference. The underlying semantic model of OntoNotes involves word senses that are grouped into so-called sense pools, i.e., sets of near-synonymous senses(More)
Sentence correction has been an important and emerging issue in computer-assisted language learning. However, existing techniques based on grammar rules or statistical machine translation are still not robust enough to tackle the common incorrect word order errors in sentences produced by second language learners of Chinese. In this paper, a novel relative(More)
Chinese character correction involves two major steps: 1) Providing candidate corrections for all or partially identified characters in a sentence, and 2) Scoring all altered sentences and identifying which is the best corrected sentence. In this paper a web-based measure is used to score candidate sentences, in which there exists one continuous error(More)
We propose and formally characterize a new problem named the dynamic context coverage problem in capability-constrained mobile sensor network environments. The goal is to move and adjust a network of mobile sensors with limited sensing capabilities to quickly achieve good coverage of dynamic changing contexts and continuously maintain the level of coverage.(More)
Comparable corpora have been shown to be useful in several multilingual natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Many previous papers have focused on how to improve the extraction of parallel data from this kind of corpus on different levels. In this paper, we are interested in improving the quality of bilingual comparable corpora according to increased(More)