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—The requirement to reduce the computational cost of evaluating a point probability density estimate when employing a Parzen window estimator is a well-known problem. This paper presents the Reduced Set Density Estimator that provides a kernel-based density estimator which employs a small percentage of the available data sample and is optimal in the L 2(More)
We investigated the emergence of discriminative responses to pitch by recording 2-, 3-, and 4-month-old infants' electro-encephalogram responses to infrequent pitch changes in piano tones. In all age groups, infants' responses to deviant tones were significantly different from responses to standard tones. However, two types of mismatch responses were(More)
This paper describes a method for designing oversampled DFT filter banks (FB) optimized for subband acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). For this application, the design requirements typically are good echo cancellation quality, low delay, small reconstruction error, and low computation complexity. Our method explicitly includes a model for echo return loss(More)
A semantic link peer-to-peer (P2P) network specifies and manages semantic relationships between peers' data schemas and can be used as the semantic layer of a scalable Knowledge Grid. The proposed approach consists of an automatic semantic link discovery method, a tool for building and maintaining P2P semantic link networks (P2PSLNs), a semantic-based peer(More)
—An optimal three-dimensional (3-D) coefficient tree structure for 3-D zerotree wavelet video coding is considered in this paper. The 3-D zerotree wavelet video coding is inspired by the success of the two-dimensional (2-D) zerotree wavelet image coding. Existing 3-D zerotree wavelet video codecs use the either symmetric or symmetric-alike 3-D tree(More)
—This paper presents an object tracking method for object-based video processing which uses a two-dimensional (2-D) Gabor wavelet transform (GWT) and a 2-D golden section algorithm. An object in the current frame is modeled by local features from a number of the selected feature points, and the global placement of these feature points. The feature points(More)
Automated currency validation requires a decision to be made regarding the authenticity of a banknote presented to the validation system. This decision often has to be made with little or no information regarding the characteristics of possible counterfeits as is the case for issues of new currency. A method for automated currency validation is presented(More)
This paper describes user specific QoS requirements that are a critical innovation for improving spectral utilization for wireless systems. An adaptive scheduler is presented that incorporates user specific QoS requirements in the spectral allocation of resources. In this paper, we focus on voice applications, and demonstrate that by dynamically adapting(More)