Chao Gu

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Peach (Prunus persica) is one of the most important of deciduous fruit trees worldwide. To facilitate isolation of genes controlling important horticultural traits of peach, transcriptome sequencing was conducted in this study. A total of 133 million pair-end RNA-Seq reads were generated from leaf, flower, and fruit, and 90 % of reads were mapped to the(More)
In addition to providing utility, and possibly capital gains, housing facilitates credit transactions when home equity serves as collateral. We document big increases in home-equity loans coinciding with the US house-price boom, and suggest a connection. When it is used as collateral, housing bears a liquidity premium. Since liquidity is endogenous, and(More)
The usual red color of young leaves of peach (Prunus persica f. atropurpurea) is due to the accumulation of anthocyanin. Real-time PCR analysis revealed a strong correlation between the expression levels of anthocyanin biosynthetic genes and anthocyanin content in leaves at different developmental stages. The expression profiles of both anthocyanin(More)
Apple is an economically important fruit crop worldwide. Developing a genetic linkage map is a critical step towards mapping and cloning of genes responsible for important horticultural traits in apple. To facilitate linkage map construction, we surveyed and characterized the distribution and frequency of perfect microsatellites in assembled contig(More)
Fruit skin color is an important parameter of outer quality and plays an important role in attracting customers. In many plants, it is the result of coordinative regulation of anthocyanin pathway genes. In our study, the differential expression of cDNA library in a pair of pear mutant with red and green color was investigated to find candidate genes which(More)
Traditional models of bank runs do not allow for herding e¤ects, because in these models withdrawal decisions are assumed to be made simultaneously. I extend the banking model to allow a depositor to choose his withdrawal time. When he withdraws depends on his consumption type (patient or impatient), his private, noisy signal about the quality of the bank's(More)
Are money and credit both essential? We show in a standard model the answer is — no. If credit is easy, money has no role. If credit is tight, money can be valued, but then changes in debt limits are neutral. This is true for any (not only optimal) monetary policy, and whether debt and tax limits are exogenous or endogenous; it can be overturned by(More)
The breakdown of self-incompatibility, which could result from the accumulation of non-functional S-haplotypes or competitive interaction between two different functional S-haplotypes, has been studied extensively at the molecular level in tetraploid Rosaceae species. In this study, two tetraploid Chinese cherry (Prunus pseudocerasus) cultivars and one(More)
We aimed to evaluate the role of glucose-6-phosphatase, catalytic subunit (G6PC) in ovarian cancer and to exploit its therapeutic potential. With reproduction of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database, we studied expressions of genes in the glucose metabolism pathways in silico. The cBioPortal For Cancer Genomics was used to study the clinical,(More)