Chao Fu

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I develop and structurally estimate an equilibrium model of the college market. Students, who are heterogeneous in both abilities and preferences, make college application decisions, subject to uncertainty and application costs. Colleges observe only noisy measures of student ability and set up tuition and admissions policies to compete for more able(More)
This paper combines on-the-job search and human capital theory to study the coexistence of …rm-funded general training and frequent job turnovers. Although ex ante identical, …rms di¤er in their training decisions. The model generates correlations between various …rm characteristics that are consistent with the data. Wage dispersion exists among ex ante(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) guide posttranscriptional repression of mRNAs. Hundreds of miRNAs have been identified but the target identification of mammalian mRNAs is still a difficult task due to a poor understanding of the interaction between miRNAs and the miRNA recognizing element (MRE). In recent research, the importance of the 5' end of the miRNA:MRE duplex(More)
The panel data literature on deterrence and capital punishment contains a wide range of empirical claims despite the use of common data sets for analysis. We interpret the diversity of findings in the literature in terms of differences in statistical model assumptions. Rather than attempt to determine a " best " model from which to draw empirical evidence(More)
We study the optimal design of subsidies in an equilibrium setting, where the decisions of individual recipients impose externalities on one another. We apply the model to the case of post-Katrina rebuilding in New Orleans under the Louisiana Road Home rebuilding grant program (RH). We estimate the structural model via indirect inference , exploiting a(More)
The effectiveness of capital punishment in deterring homicides has remained unclear despite the fact that the Supreme Court's moratorium on capital punishment and the subsequent adoption of capital punishment by a subset of states, combined with very different rates of execution across polities, would appear to be an ideal environment for revealing(More)
Since the Chinese government carried out the reform and opening up policy, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture has experienced rapid urbanization and dramatic land use change. This research aims at analyzing urban expansion in Xishuangbanna and its impact on the land use pattern using combined methods, including radar graph, the gradient-direction(More)
In this work, we discussed the fault isolation method for Thin-Film Transistor (TFT). Many defects in TFT can be directly observed by optical microscope; however, for some defects, they are not visible in either optical microscope or SEM, which makes the fault isolation very challenging. We demonstrated that OBIRCH can be used to find the defect location in(More)