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Hardware and software integration for domestic stairs cleaning robot
In the paper, this robot is designed to integrate the dynamic mechanism, dust removal equipment, electric circuit and single-chip microprocessor for cleaning indoor stairs. For lateral movement andExpand
Evolving GPS position correction function using genetic programming
This paper proposed a correction technique using genetic programming that requires only two GPS receivers and a known position to be implemented, and is capable of predicting the correct position. Expand
Applying layered multi-population genetic programming on learning to rank for information retrieval
An improved version of RankGP is proposed which uses layered multi-population genetic programming to obtain a ranking function which consists of a set of IR evidences and particular predefined operators and the results showed that the method is competitive with other LR4IR Algorithms. Expand
A manifold deformation design scheme for the controls of nonlinear systems
A Manifold Deformation Design Scheme (MDDS) for the controls of nonlinear systems based on the topological analysis about system dynamics is proposed in this paper. Such a novel method can simplifyExpand
Dual Regulation Controls of an Inverted Pendulum System Based on a Fuzzy Robust Smoothing Control Scheme
The dual regulation controls, angle and position, of an inverted pendulum balancing system based on a fuzzy normalized robust smoothing control scheme is applied in this paper. It is a challenge toExpand
Hysteresis effects of two interactive droplets burning in convective flows
The hysteresis characteristics of two equal-sized droplets in tandem burning in hot convective flows are investigated numerically. Similar to the results of convective single-droplet burning of JiangExpand
Unsteady burning, internal heating, and modeling comparison of an n-octane fuel droplet in high-temperature flows are studied numerically. In the developed numerical method, the governing equationsExpand
Position Correction on Consumer-Grade GPS Using Genetic Programming
The proposed method generates a correction function through GPS information gathered by GPS receivers and a known position through genetic programming and could be implemented on various GPS-embedded devices without modifying hardware components. Expand
The implementation of tracking controls for an automobile robot based on wire magnetic induction
Navigation to follow special trajectories or move within working boundaries is very essential for automobile robots, especially for mission-oriented service robots. For example, a kind of auto-mowerExpand