Chao-Chia Cheng

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The unique functionalities of nanoscale structures in the natural world are an inspiration to the development of new nano-manufacturing techniques. For example, the cornea of the moth's eye features a sub-wavelength natural antireflective architecture. To date, almost all optical research into moth eye structures has been focused on their antireflective(More)
Using a conductive atomic force microscopic setup, a metallic nano-cluster at a tip apex was successfully manufactured by an electrochemical redox process from an anodic aluminum oxide template. The diameter of the metallic nano-clusters ranged from 15 nm to 200 nm. The diameters of the nano-clusters could be well-controlled by adjusting the pore size of(More)
One of the perspectives of the Si-based technology is the optical interconnect for data transmission and applications in optoelectronic integrated circuit. In this report, the engineered dislocation network was proposed, and the atomic structure of the dislocation array was revealed by high-resolution transmission electron microscope and scanning tunneling(More)
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