Chao-Chao Wang

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With the development of nanotechnology, Wireless Nano Sensor Networks (WNSN) have been envisioned for many unique applications. In order to optimize the data transmission in nanonetworks, the information rate of individual nanonode should be manipulated to maximize the network capacity. In this paper, information capacity is formulated as a function of the(More)
Efforts in developing an expeditious and convenient method for synthesizing γ-amino-ynamides via nucleophilic addition of lithiated ynamides to aryl imines are described. This work also features an aza-variant of a Meyer-Schuster rearrangement of γ-amino-ynamides and the synthetic utility of γ-amino-ynamides in an intramolecular ketenimine-[2 + 2](More)
Objective To compare the intraoperative major metabolite level of preoperative proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy(1H-MRS)and fluorescence intensity marked with fluorescein sodium(FLs)in glioblastoma(GBM)and thus provide an objective basis for fluorescence surgical treatment of GBM. Methods All newly diagnosed patients by plain and enhanced magnetic(More)
In this paper, a relay-based MAC protocol (RBMP) is proposed for Terahertz (THz) nanonetworks to overcome the effect of obstacles and to extend the communication distance. Particularly, RBMP integrates both the benefits of omni-directional communication in low frequency and directional communication in the THz band. Analytical and simulation results show(More)
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