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The protein 4.1 family consists of four members, 4.1R, 4.1N, 4.1B and 4.1G, each encoded by a distinct gene. All 4.1 mRNAs undergo extensive alternative splicing. Functionally, they usually serve as adapters that link actin-based cytoskeleton to plasma membrane proteins. It has been reported that 4.1 proteins are expressed in most animal cell types and(More)
Cough Recognition is a valuable classification problem in healthcare. Generally, feature representation contributes a lot to the overall classifying performance. In this paper, a novel feature extraction method, Gammatone Cepstral Coefficients (GTCC), is investigated for cough recognition. The accuracy of GTCC comparing with MFCC is evaluated on a designed(More)
Analytical methods for studying tsunami run-up become untenable when the tsunami wave runs on beaches. In this study, we use a finite-element procedure that includes the interaction between solid and fluid based on the potential flow theory to simulate the dynamics of tsunami wave induced by a thrust fault earthquake in order to investigate the effect of(More)
Large screens are populating a variety of settings motivating research on appropriate interaction techniques. While gesture is popularized by depth cameras we contribute with a comparison study showing how eye pointing is a valuable substitute to gesture pointing in dragging tasks. We compare eye pointing combined with gesture selection to gesture pointing(More)
Large interfaces are fixed to a certain use context, for example to a physical smart space. Mobile counterparts of public interfaces can allow user to continue interacting with the content also when leaving the space. However, wall applications make use of a large display surface and fitting the same user interface to the constraints of a mobile screen is(More)
Pullulan is a natural exopolysaccharide with many useful characteristics. However, pullulan is more costly than other exopolysaccharides, which limits its effective application. The purpose of this study was to adopt a novel mixed-sugar strategy for maximizing pullulan production, mainly using potato starch hydrolysate as a low-cost substrate for(More)
Standing seam metal roof systems are widely used in many large buildings such as airport terminals, sports stadiums and theatres. However there are many problems such as deformation and wind-lift that caused by big wind or heavy rain. To monitor these damages and take maintenance measures in advance are very important to avoid economic losses and personal(More)
This paper deals with the design of the back-stroke mechanism of the aviation axial piston pump. The back-stroke plate is commonly used and supported by retainer spring or limited by keeping-ring. The force analysis was carried out, and the method of design and calculating for the center spring force and the retainer plate size of the retainer plate(More)
Aiming at degraded phenomena of images taken in bad weather, in this paper, a new entirely self - adapting method of image clearness is proposed on the basis of an atmospheric scattering model. First, under the gray distributing characteristics of a degraded image, we can get the optimal normal distribution. Second, the gray mean of the sky distribution can(More)
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