Chantal van den Berg

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A study to determine the circumstances under which children ingested potentially noxious substances and also to ascertain the pharmacological nature and physical appearance of the substances was undertaken. The results suggest that depending on the watchfulness of adults alone is inadequate to prevent accidental poisoning. Measures to reduce the incidence,(More)
The alpha 1-antitrypsin (AAT) or protease inhibitor (Pi) genetic polymorphism was studied in 144 white, 100 coloured, 104 Indian and 127 black (Northern Sotho) healthy individuals (controls), in the Pretoria area. Their Pi phenotype and gene frequency distributions are compared with world-wide data on other population groups. The severely deficient Pi(More)
Empirical literature has revealed that social isolation can affect the rehabilitation of sex offenders after serving their sentence. This process of social isolation can already start during incarceration due to strained relationships with fellow prisoners and correctional staff. The current study examined to what extent sex offenders felt socially isolated(More)
This article prospectively explores the effects of collective team work engagement and organizational constraints during military deployment on individual-level psychological outcomes afterwards. Participants were 971 Dutch peacekeepers within 93 teams who were deployed between the end of 2008 and beginning of 2010, for an average of 4 months, in the(More)
In this article, we investigate whether the life events of marriage, parenthood, and employment were associated with general offending for a Dutch sample of 498 juvenile sex offenders (JSOs). In previous empirical studies, these life events were found to limit adult general offending in the population as well as high-risk samples. A hybrid random effects(More)
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