Chantal de Fouquet

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Yeast centromere DNA (CEN) affinity column chromatography has been used to purify several putative centromere and kinetochore proteins from yeast chromatin extracts. The single yeast gene (CBF5) specifying one of the major low-affinity centromere-binding proteins (p64'/CBF5p) has been cloned and shown to be essential for viability of Saccharomyces(More)
Splice mutations in the p53 gene (TP53) are described as rare events that occur at a frequency of less than 1%. Using a functional assay based on the transcriptional activity of p53 and using RNA as starting material, we describe here a p53 splice mutation that could not be detected by genomic sequencing. This lack of detection is due to a deletion of the(More)
Highly repetitive satellite DNAs comprise a significant portion of higher eukaryotic genomes and have been implicated in a variety of chromosome processes, such as centromere structure and function, that are related to their presence in heterochromatin. In addition, heterochromatin can induce metastable expression of adjacent genes. However, the role of(More)
— Détermination de la variabilité des réservoirs géologiques sur le stockage du CO 2 par la méthodologie des plans d'expériences — Dans le contexte de l'étude du stockage géologique du dioxyde de carbone dans les réservoirs sédimentaires, les simulations tentent de reproduire le plus fidèlement possible les écoulements fluides et gaz, ainsi que les(More)
Here we examine the consequences of uncertainty with respect to geological parameters, using large-scale 2D models. We also investigate ways to reduce prediction uncertainty, either by showing how a parameter's influence is negligible for a given project design, or by showing for which parameters additional data will significantly increase the quality of(More)
Highly-repetitive satellite DNA's are generally located in centromeric heterochromatin, yet little is known about how they are maintained and condensed. In an effort to address this question, we have searched for specific satellite DNA-binding proteins in cell-free extracts (both total cellular and nuclear), prepared from HeLa cells, using southwestern(More)
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