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MATISSE is a design environment intended for developing systems characterized by a tight interaction between control and data-flow behavior, intensive data storage and transfer, and stringent real-time requirements. Matisse bridges the gap from a system specification, using a concurrent object-oriented language, to an optimized embedded single-chip(More)
We present a new exploration and optimization method to select customized implementations for dynamic data sets, as encountered in telecom network, database and multimedia applications. Our method fits in the context of embedded system synthesis for such applications, and enables to further raise the abstraction level of the initial specification, where(More)
In the past decades, data structure analysis was mainly done at a high level of abstraction in the computer science community. For instance, choosing a linked list as a data structure as opposed to an array for a specific situation, was mainly motivated from a performance point of view under the implicit assumption that the computer platform (that had to(More)
Current multi-core design methodologies are facing increasing unpredictability in terms of quality due to the actual diversity of the workloads that characterize the deployment scenario. To this end, these systems expose a set of <i>dynamic parameters</i> which can be tuned at run-time to achieve a specified <i>Quality of Service</i> (QoS) in terms of(More)
Technology trends enable the integration of many processor cores in a System-on-Chip (SoC). In these complex architectures, several architectural parameters can be tuned to find the best trade-off in terms of multiple metrics such as energy and delay. The main goal of the MULTICUBE project consists of the definition of an automatic Design Space Exploration(More)
Nowadays, owing to unpredictable changes of the environment and workload variation, optimally running multiple applications in terms of quality, performance and power consumption on embedded multi-core platforms is a huge challenge. A lightweight run-time manager, linked with an automated design-time exploration and incorporated in the host processor of the(More)
In high-speed network processors, data queueing has to allow real-time memory (de)allocation, buffering, retrieving, and forwarding of incoming data packets. Its implementation must be highly optimized to combine high speed, low power, large data storage, and high memory bandwidth. In this paper, such data queueing is used as case study to demonstrate the(More)
<italic>Matisse is a design flow intended for developing embedded systems characterize dby tight inter action b etwe encontrol and data-flow behavior, intensive data storage and tr ansfer, dynamic creation of data, and stringent real-time requirements. Matisse bridges the gap from a system specification, using a cocurr ent obje ct-oriented language, to an(More)