Chantal Wentink

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We present the first algorithms for computing all placements of (fric-tionless) point fingers that put a polygonal part in form closure and all placements of point fingers that achieve second-order immobility of a polygonal part. Our algorithms run in O(n 2+ + K) and O(n 2 log 2 n + K) time in the case of form closure and second-order immobility,(More)
Manufacturing and assembly processes often require objects to be held in such a w ay that they can resist all external wrenches. The problem of ""xture planning" is to compute, for a given object and a set of xturing elements, the set of placements of the xturing elements that constrain all nite and innnitesimal motions of the object due to applied(More)
A familiar task in industrial applications is grasping an object to constrain its motions. When the external forces and torques acting on the object are uncertain or varying, form-closure grasps are preferred; these are grasps that constrain all innnitesimal and nite motion of the object. Much of previous work on computing form-closures has involved(More)
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