Chantal Morin

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BACKGROUND Osteopathy is an increasingly popular health care modality to address pain and function in the musculoskeletal system, organs and the head region, as well as functional somatic syndromes. Although osteopathy is recommended principally in guidelines for management of back pain, osteopaths' scope of practice is wide, albeit poorly defined. In order(More)
Palpation skills are fundamental in osteopathy because they affect clinical results. However, palpation is a complex task that requires the right combination of knowledge, skills, and attitude thus making it a real challenge to teach. This article describes a seven-step palpation method that promotes the development of palpation skills by gradually(More)
BACKGROUND Eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction plays an important role in the pathogenesis of acute otitis media (AOM). Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge about the exact role of the ET's bony support, the temporal bone, on occurrence of AOM. This study investigates whether severe suture restriction of the temporal bone is a risk factor for(More)
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