Chantal Missirian

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Polymicrogyria (PMG) is a common malformation of the human cerebral cortex for which both acquired and genetic causes are known. Although genetic heterogeneity is documented, only one gene is currently known to cause isolated PMG. To clone new genes involved in this type of cerebral malformation, we studied a fetus presenting a defect of cortical(More)
BACKGROUND Periventricular heterotopia (PH) is an etiologically heterogeneous disorder characterized by nodules of neurons ectopically placed along the lateral ventricles. Most affected patients have seizures and their cognitive level varies from normal to severely impaired. At present, two genes have been identified to cause PH when mutated. Mutations in(More)
Deletions in 15q13.3 belong to the most frequently identified recurrent CNVs, and lead to mental retardation, seizures and minor dysmorphism. We report on two monozygotic twin boys with a mosaic 1.5 Mb deletion in 15q13.3, including CHRNA7. The growth parameters were in the normal range for both twins. Both had language delay with hyperactivity, temper(More)
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