Chantal Keller

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We present a way to enjoy the power of SAT and SMT provers in Coq without compromising soundness. This requires these provers to return not only a yes/no answer, but also a proof witness that can be independently rechecked. We present such a checker, written and fully certified in Coq. It is conceived in a modular way, in order to tame the proofs’(More)
We present a new, completely redesigned, version of F*, a language that works both as a proof assistant as well as a general-purpose, verification-oriented, effectful programming language. In support of these complementary roles, F* is a dependently typed, higher-order, call-by-value language with _primitive_ effects including state, exceptions, divergence(More)
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) I is a potent mitogen for human osteosarcoma cells such as the Saos-2/B-10 cell line. IGF binding proteins (IGFBPs) prevent stimulation of DNA synthesis by IGFs. In contrast to recombinant human (rh) IGFBP-2, -3, -4, and -5, 10-100 nM rhIGFBP-6 stimulated [(3)H]thymidine incorporation into DNA and multiplication of(More)
We present a new scheme to translate mathematical developments from HOL-Light to Coq, where they can be re-used and rechecked. By relying on a carefully chosen embedding of Higher-Order Logic into Type Theory, we try to avoid some pitfalls of inter-operation between proof systems. In particular, our translation keeps the mathematical statements(More)
This extended abstract reports on current progress of SMTCoq, a communication tool between the Coq proof assistant and external SAT and SMT solvers. Based on a checker for generic first-order certificates implemented and proved correct in Coq, SMTCoq offers facilities both to check external SAT and SMT answers and to improve Coq’s automation using such(More)
Calcium (Ca) stimulates proliferation of osteoblasts in vitro, an effect proposed to be mediated by IGF I. Addition of 1 mM Ca or of 1 nM IGF I to the medium (0.3 mM Ca) of a rat bone-derived cell line, PyMS, stimulated not only DNA synthesis but also sodium-dependent (Nad) phosphate (Pi) uptake, the latter, within 2 h. These cells barely express and(More)
Reynold’s abstraction theorem is now a well-established result for a large class of type systems. We propose here a definition of relational parametricity and a proof of the abstraction theorem in the Calculus of Inductive Constructions (CIC), the underlying formal language of Coq, in which parametricity relations’ codomain is the impredicative sort of(More)
Glycosaminoglycans are long non-branched polysaccharides composed of repeating disaccharide units. In a previous in vitro study we have shown that such molecules are able to modulate substrate phosphorylation catalyzed by cAMP-dependent protein kinase. Here, we investigate the impact of glycosaminoglycans, such as heparan sulfate, dermatan sulfate,(More)