Chantal Dijkman-Caes

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The present study investigates the relationship between scale scores on the Dutch version of the Multidimensional Pain Inventory (MPI-DLV) and data derived from comparable items from an experience sampling procedure. Fifty-seven chronic pain patients participated in the study, which lasted 6 consecutive days. Special attention was given to the relationship(More)
Parameters are derived of distributions of three c¢~effaeients of similarity between pairs (dyads) of operational taxonomic uni~ ° for multivariate binary data (presence/absence of atlributes) under statistical independence. These are applied to test independence for dyadic data. Association among attributes within operational taxonomic units is allowed. It(More)
Agoraphobia is related to demographic characteristics and social roles. To unravel behavioral aspects from demographic characteristics, daily life situations were registered with the Experience Sampling Method for 65 panic patients with and without agoraphobia. Surprisingly, panic patients with and without agoraphobia did not differ as hypothesized in(More)
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