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In women, both hyperand hypo-thyroidism may result in menstrual disturbances. In hyperthyroidism the most common manifestations are simple oligomenorrhea and anovulatory cycles. Hypothyroidism results in changes in cycle length, amount of bleeding, and usually is associated with abnormal menstrual cycles characterized mainly by polymenorrhea and anovulatory(More)
In critical illness, several abnormalities in thyroid hormone (TH) secretion, metabolism and action have been described in patients without previous diagnosis of intrinsic thyroid disease and are collectively called “Non thyroidal syndrome” (NTIS) [1]; this term is now largely employed, in the place of “euthyroid sick syndrome” [2-4] or “low-T3 syndrome”,(More)
Hypogonadism is frequently associated with metabolic syndrome and testosterone levels correlate with parameters which are part of the cluster defining the syndrome itself. Different studies suggest a positive role of testosterone replacement therapy, but different aspects (including the definition of hypogonadism, especially in aging male, and the modality(More)
Background: Obese children are subject to the same chronic oxidative and inflammatory stress, responsible for the onset of all the complications typical of adult age, such as insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease. Objectives: Since few studies are reported in prepubertal obese children, we investigated the relationship(More)
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