Chantal Boudreault-Châteauvert

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The diencephalon of nonmammalian vertebrates contains aminergic perikarya situated beneath the ependyma lining the third ventricle, known as the paraventricular organ (PVO). Catecholamines were visualized in the goldfish forebrain by formaldehyde-glutaraldehyde-induced fluorescence. Neuronal somata containing catecholamines were found in three(More)
The nucleus preopticus (NPO) of the goldfish hypothalamus is composed of parvocellular (NPOpc) and magnocellular (NPOmc) neurosecretory neurons. The cytology of NPOpc and NPOmc neurons was examined with light and electron microscopy following pharmacological adrenalectomy with the adrenocortical inhibitor, metopirone. After five days of metopirone(More)
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