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A Step, Stride and Heading Determination for the Pedestrian Navigation System
Recently, several simple and cost-effective pedestrian navigation systems (PNS) have been introduced. These systems utilized accelerometers and gyros in order to determine step, stride and heading.Expand
Extended Kalman Filter for wireless LAN based indoor positioning
A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) based Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) method for indoor positioning is introduced and experimental comparisons of the EKF method with other indoor positioning methods are provided. Expand
Implementation of Vehicle Navigation System using GNSS, INS, Odometer and Barometer
In this study, a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) / odometer / barometer integrated navigation system that uses a commercial navigation device includingExpand
An Assisted GPS Acquisition Method using L2 Civil Signal in Weak Signal Environment
Recently, there has been increasing demands on the positioning capability in weak signal environment such as inside building and urban area. The present assisted GPS technology uses GPS L1 signalsExpand
Design of a low-cost attitude determination GPS/INS integrated navigation system
Due to their complementary features of GPS and INS, the GPS/INS integrated navigation system is increasingly being used for a variety of commercial and military applications. An attitudeExpand
Multihop range-free localization with approximate shortest path in anisotropic wireless sensor networks
A novel distance estimation method is introduced to approximate the shortest path based on the path deviation and to estimate their distance by taking into account the extent of the detour of the approximate shortest path. Expand
A satellite selection criterion incorporating the effect of elevation angle in GPS positioning
A new criterion for satellite selection, which considers the effect of other factors causing positioning error, such as ionosphericdelay, tropospheric delay, and multipath, is proposed and the effectiveness of the proposed criterion is shown. Expand
Efficient ambiguity resolution using constraint equation
Precise relative positioning is possible by using the carrier phase observables of Global Positioning System (GPS). To use carrier phase for positioning, however, initial integer ambiguity includedExpand
GPS spoofing signal detection and compensation method in DGPS reference station
The method removes the common terms by using the known fixed position of DGPS reference station to separate the measurement changing rate caused by spoofing signal, and is verified and validated by using a software-base simulator. Expand
Home healthcare self-monitoring system for chronic diseases
A home self healthcare monitoring system which can monitor respiration, blood glucose, urinary flow, and temperature is implemented using Zigbee wireless communication in real time at home on the personal computer. Expand