Channa Gunawardena

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This paper is set against a background of national IS initiatives implemented in the Vocational and Technical Education (VTE) sectors of developing Asian countries through donor agency funded projects, which can be seen as Project Intervention Processes (PIPs). This research is based on a six year research study of IS initiatives implemented in nine VTE(More)
Most pulse (nonoilseed legume) seed flours can be fractionated rapidly and economically by air classification into protein and starch concentrates. The nutritional value of air-classified field pea and faba bean concentrates requires characterization to assess the feeding opportunity for pigs. Thus, the objectives were to characterize the apparent total(More)
Air-classified pulse (non-oilseed legume) protein and starch may replace specialty protein and starch feedstuffs in diets for weaned pigs. In Exp. 1, three specialty protein sources (5% soy protein concentrate, 5% corn gluten meal, and 5% menhaden meal in the control diet) were replaced with 16% zero-tannin hulled or dehulled faba bean, or 17.5% field pea(More)
This paper addresses B2B e-commerce as a facilitator for enhancing agricultural export from Mianyang (China) to Europe. Computing an extended value chain for three crops, the MAXCROP model has identified key information lacks and prepared implementation of training and use of the model among the production companies and governmental employees.
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