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The Source Region of Yellow River locates in the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is especially sensitive to global environment change because of its high elevation and cold environment. Under the influence of global warming, aeolian desertified land expanded rapidly in this area during the last decades. To assess the trends of aeolian(More)
Based on MODIS data and Mann-Kendall test, our study put forward a method of combining EVI (enhanced vegetation index) and TCWI (Tasseled Cap wetness index) to monitor the ecological health of wetlands and adjacent uplands. In terms of the experimental district in Zoige Basin, a series of the ecological restoration projects implemented in recent years has(More)
Policy has long been considered one of the major driving forces for land-use/cover change. However, research on the interactions between land-use/cover change (LUCC) and relevant policies remains limited. The agropastoral ecotone is a typical area of policy implementation and LUCC. Therefore, this study integrates the use of multisource and multiresolution(More)