Changyun Li

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—Multiple parallel transactions in new-type distributed software environment result in that the events produced by every transaction are randomly ranked. If the tokens of these events are incomplete or unavailable, it is difficult for software system to distinguish these events to actually belong to which transaction, corresponding transaction analysis and(More)
—Interactive behavior trust of modern distributed software systems (MDSS) should be " monitored " and " grasped " at running time. The paper investigates the relationships between behaviors and their effects at running time in MDSS, uses statistical machine learning tools to analyze the laws of behavior traces, and presents a novel behavior analyzing and(More)
OWLS can't provide sufficient support for automatic composition of web services because RDF and OIL don't support overriding declaration in inheritance essentially. An ontology model capable of overriding declaration and expressing virtual class is defined by introducing into a monotonic inheritance mechanism. A method and framework of automatic composition(More)
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