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Objective: In diabetes, intracellular accumulation of sorbitol resulting from the high extracellular levels of glucose leads to depletion of intracellular compounds including taurine. This is associated with the development of late diabetic complications such as cardiomyopathy. The development of myocyte hypertrophy has been largely attributed to(More)
This paper fouces on the spectrum handoff in cognitive radio which secondary users(SU) usually use the overlay spectrum acess scenario. We use the fuzzy logic and pridect a reserved channel table, when the spectrum handoff occur, SU can choose the available spetrum access quickly. Because of primary users(PU) appear uncertainty, the correctness of backup(More)
In new-type distributed software environment, the interactive behaviors produced by loosely-coupled software entities behave of emerging, dynamic, accidental, correlative and repeating properties. The paper tries to extract them into definable and relatively stable behavior analysis model between behavior process and corresponding effects. Software(More)
OWLS can't provide sufficient support for automatic composition of web services because RDF and OIL don't support overriding declaration in inheritance essentially. An ontology model capable of overriding declaration and expressing virtual class is defined by introducing into a monotonic inheritance mechanism. A method and framework of automatic composition(More)
The software is essentially replacing human beings to carry out some certain behavior and software credibility is mainly represented by its credible behavior, so it will be more direct and reliable to assess software credibility according to the information of software runtime behavior. The concept of behavior pattern is abstracted from the software(More)