Changyu Shao

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Herein, we propose a drug-free approach to cancer therapy that involves cancer cell targeting calcification (CCTC). Several types of cancer cells, such as HeLa cells, characterized by folate receptor (FR) overexpression, can selectively adsorb folate (FA) molecules and then concentrate Ca(2+) locally to induce specific cell calcification. The resultant(More)
Biomineralization is an important tactic by which biological organisms produce hierarchically structured minerals with marvellous functions. Biomineralization studies typically focus on the mediation function of organic matrices on inorganic minerals, which helps scientists to design and synthesize bioinspired functional materials. However, the presence of(More)
Cyanobacterial blooms represent a significant threat to global water resources because blooming cyanobacteria deplete oxygen and release cyanotoxins, which cause the mass death of aquatic organisms. In nature, a large biomass volume of cyanobacteria is a precondition for a bloom, and the cyanobacteria buoyancy is a key parameter for inducing the dense(More)
Biomimetic mineralization can lead to advanced crystalline composites with common chemicals under ambient conditions. An exceptional example is biomimetic nacre with its superior fracture toughness. The synthesis of the prismatic layer with stiffness and wear resistance nonetheless remains an elusive goal. Herein, we apply a biomimetic mineralization method(More)
Photosynthetic microalgae play an important role in solar-to-chemical energy conversion on Earth, but the increasing solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation seriously reduces the biological photosynthesis. Here, we developed a one-step approach to construct cell-in-shell hybrid structure by using direct adsorption of CeO2 nanoparticles onto cells. The engineered(More)
Photobiological hydrogen production is of great importance because of its promise for generating clean renewable energy. In nature, green algae cannot produce hydrogen as a result of the extreme sensitivity of hydrogenase to oxygen. However, we find that silicification-induced green algae aggregates can achieve sustainable photobiological hydrogen(More)
Organic, inorganic, and biological pollutants are typical water contaminants and they seriously affect water quality. In this study, we suggested that a novel multifunctional Ag3PO4 loaded hydroxyapatite (HAP) material can remove the typical pollutants from water. The Ag3PO4/HAP composites were synthesized facilely via in-situ precipitation of Ag3PO4 on the(More)
Lab biomineralization should be carried out in an actual clinical practice. This study evaluated self-etch adhesive as a carrier for amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) nanoprecursors to continuously deliver biomimetic remineralization of self-assembly type I collagen and demineralized dentin. Si-containing ACP particles (Si-ACP) stabilized with polyaspartic(More)
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