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Due to the avascular tumor growths were a complex activities that involved a chemical process and a physical process, a Finite Element Method (FEM) based mixture model was proposed in this paper. For the chemical process, the FEM was used to solve the reaction diffusion equations of three chemicals, which are the oxygen, glucose and GIF, under several(More)
In order to improve the adaptive recognition abilities of picking robot in complex environment, a fusion approach of trinocular vision in wavelet domain based on fuzzy reasoning weight was proposed. Firstly, membership functions of fusion rules are determined by fuzzy reasoning of picking environmental features, and membership values of fusion types are(More)
ECAT1 is a subunit of the subcortical maternal complex that is required for cell cycle progression during pre-implantation embryonic development; however, its exact function remains to be elucidated. Here we investigated the expression of ECAT1 in human ovarian tissue, oocytes and pre-implantation embryos and assessed its function by using RNA interference(More)
Informatization has always been one core competency for effective daily management. Although there are various types of management information systems available, few of them could take into account ever changing management requirements of higher vocational colleges. In this paper, we develop a J2EE based management information system for higher vocational(More)