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— We consider efficient scheduling for a delay constrained CDMA Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). Given a two-tiered WSN model, we first find the optimum schedule for the intra-cluster communications, that minimizes the total transmit power of the sensor nodes, while maintaining the short term average throughput at each sensor. We show that the specifics of(More)
— We consider the downlink throughput maximization problem for interference limited multiuser systems. Our goal is to characterize the optimum base station transmission strategy, i.e., whether the base station transmits to one-user (TDMA) or multiple users (CDMA). Specifically, we aim at determining the optimum number of users to be scheduled and finding(More)
We consider the joint optimization problem of cell sectorization, transmit power control and multiuser detection for a CDMA cell. Given the number of sectors and user locations, the cell is appropriately sectorized such that the total transmit power, as well as the receiver filters, is optimized. We formulate the corresponding joint optimization problems(More)
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