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Nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) microcantilevers are fabricated and MIL-53 (Al) metal-organic framework (MOF) layers are directly synthesized on each cantilever surface by using the aluminum oxide as the metal ion source. Exposure of the MIL53-AAO cantilevers to various concentrations of CO2, N2, CO, and Ar induces changes in their deflections and(More)
We report a facile and sensitive analytical method for the detection of pathogenic bacteria. Salmonella bacteria in milk were captured by antibody-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and separated from analyte samples by applying an external magnetic field. The MNP-Salmonella complexes were re-dispersed in a buffer solution then exposed to(More)
Zinc oxide nanorods were synthesized directly on a silicon microcantilever and converted into a nanoporous ZIF-8 film via a solvothermal reaction. The simultaneous measurements of the resonance frequency and deflection of the cantilever revealed that the adsorption of alcohol vapors induced a structural change in the ZIF-8 framework.
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