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Using Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial (DMB-T) system from Tsinghua University, two-way (frequency division duplex) digital video transmission over medium-voltage power cables of up to 700 m-long was successfully demonstrated. The preliminary experiments validate the feasibility of using Time-Domain Synchronous Orthogonal Frequency Division(More)
This paper presents a method to construct regular low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes of short block length and high rate based on a special type of combinatoric designs, i.e., balanced incomplete block designs (BIBDs) with lambda = 2 whose construction are based on cyclic difference families. Although the Tanner graph of the codes constructed contains(More)
We address in this paper the convergence issue of DTMB and DVB-H, which are the digital broadcast standards of China and Europe respectively. After thorough study on the similarities as well as the differences between the two standards in the physical layer, we proposed our very preliminary ideas to combine the two systems into a single device effectively(More)
To increase the performance of time domain synchronous-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (TDS-OFDM) system in the frequency selective fading channels, an improved transmitter diversity design is introduced in this paper. This scheme can achieve both space and frequency diversity gains, so the performance is better than that of conventional space(More)
In order to reduce the Peak-To-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) in the embedded multi-service based on Digital Television Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB) system, a new technique that changes the mapping method by randomizing is proposed in this paper. With randomizing mapping strategy, system PAPR is much lower and can be used in industry application(More)
In this paper, the measurement of the signal-to- noise(SNR) threshold of several commercial receivers for digital television/terrestrial multimedia broadcasting (DTMB) system under single frequency network (SFN) environment was carried out in laboratory tests. Based on the measured results, a channel model between the channel capacities under additive white(More)
—This paper focuses on the implementation of high order Square root raised cosine (SRRC) FIR filter, which is widely used in time-domain bandlimited communication systems as the digital baseband pulse-shaping filter. The paper proposes a low-complexity implementation method based on two techniques, which respectively exploit the properties of the similarity(More)
This paper delivers a block-based parallel convolutional decoding architecture in which several Viterbi decoders work concurrently to decode consecutive code blocks. Each code block contains a preamble and a postamble which are duplicate data from neighbor blocks. Preamble and postamble are beneficial to the continuity and correctness of decoding output.(More)
Power line communication (PLC) draws significant attentions recently for its wide applications in the smart grid, Internet-of-Things, and intelligent homes. Visible light communication (VLC) using light emitting diode (LED) is becoming a hot topic due to its high capacity and radiation-free benefits, and meanwhile it can be naturally combined with PLC for(More)