Changyong Liang

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The collection and combination of assessment data in trustworthiness evaluation of cloud service is challenging, notably because QoS value may be missing in offline evaluation situation due to the time-consuming and costly cloud service invocation. Considering the fact that many trustworthiness evaluation problems require not only objective measurement but(More)
Accurate holiday daily tourist flow forecasting is always the most important issue in tourism industry. However, it is found that holiday daily tourist flow demonstrates a complex nonlinear characteristic and obvious seasonal tendency from different periods of holidays as well as the seasonal nature of climates. Support vector regression (SVR) has been(More)
Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm is well known real parameter optimization method and has been successfully applied in many different fields. The operators used in DE are simple, however, the mechanism in which the operators are defined, makes it impossible to apply the standard DE to combinatorial problems directly. A novel binary DE was proposed to(More)
Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence is used to quantify uncertainty in terms of the uncertain measures of belief and plausibility. It can better handle the synthesis of fuzzy and uncertain information. So it can deal with the different experts' opinions as evidence and integrate them to make decision for the decision-makers in group decision-making. But when(More)
With the rapid development of both information technology and the management of modern medical regulation, the generation of medical records tends to be increasingly intelligent. In this paper, Case-Based Reasoning is applied to the process of generating records of dental cases. Based on the analysis of the features of dental records, a case base is(More)
Safety assessment of thermal power plants (TPP) is an important means to ensure the safety of production in thermal power production enterprises. Modern information technology can play an important role in TPP safety assessment. The evaluation of power plant systems relies, to a large extent, on the knowledge and experience of the experts undertaking the(More)
The methods for determining OWA operator weights have aroused wide attention. We first review the main existing methods for determining OWA operator weights. We next introduce the principle of maximum entropy for setting up probability distributions on the basis of partial knowledge and prove that Xu’s normal distribution-based method obeys the principle of(More)