Changyong Li

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A dominant color histogram matching method for fruits classification was presented in this paper. In classification of fruits based on machine vision, image was acquired with a color CCD camera that outputted color information in three channels, red, green, and blue. Because traditional RGB color space couldn’t meet subjective color sensation of human(More)
Stereo vision has long been studied and a great variety of algorithms have been proposed to estimate the disparities from the stereo image pairs. However, when stereo matching algorithms are applied to real world images, especially out door image sequences under sunlight, they can hardly produce desirable disparity maps as they perform on standard stereo(More)
The stability of holonomic mobile manipulator can be improved effectively based on the stability twist constraint (STC). However, nonholonomic mobile manipulators are much more popular. In this paper, the stability of a nonholonomic mobile manipulator is improved with STC consideration. However, the constraint of nonholonomic mobility will affect the(More)
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