Changying Wang

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In this paper, the second-order moments are applied to analysis the protein's principal component to construct protein three dimension united coordinates. Under these coordinates, the protein's spatial structure factors are transformed by wavelet to construct three-dimension spatial structural spectrum of protein
The second-order moment is applied to analyze the protein's principal component which is used to construct a three-dimensional unified coordinates under which a three dimensional protein structural spectra is obtained by means of wavelet transform. Furthermore, with a gray incidence analysis of the structural spectra, the three-dimensional structures of(More)
Thorium-carbon systems have been thought as promising nuclear fuel for Generation IV reactors which require high-burnup and safe nuclear fuel. Existing knowledge on thorium carbides under extreme condition remains insufficient and some is controversial due to limited studies. Here we systematically predict all stable structures of thorium dicarbide (ThC2)(More)
Delaunay triangulation (D-TIN) is an importantgraphic tool in computational geometry, which is not onlywidely used in many real applications, but also very significantfor many spatial data mining algorithms. However,constructing Delaunay triangulation is time-consuming formost practical applications. Distributed and parallel computingmechanism is becoming a(More)
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