Changxing Zhang

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Thin film stresses in thin film/substrate systems at elevated temperatures affect the reliability and safety of such structures in microelectronic devices. The stresses result from the thermal mismatch strain between the film and substrate. The reflection mode digital gradient sensing (DGS) method, a real-time, full-field optical technique, measures(More)
Multiwavelength shearing interferometry, a full-field, real-time, and vibration-insensitive method with enhanced accuracy, is proposed. Theoretically, the more wavelengths that are used for shearing interferometers, the higher the precision that can be achieved in the measurement of slopes, curvatures, and the shapes of reflective surfaces. A spherical(More)
The coherent gradient sensing (CGS) method, one kind of shear interferometry sensitive to surface slope, has been applied to full-field curvature measuring for decades. However, its accuracy, sensitivity, and resolution have not been studied clearly. In this paper, we analyze the accuracy, sensitivity, and resolution for the CGS method based on the(More)
Flexible and stretchable optoelectronics, built-in inorganic semiconductor materials, offer a wide range of unprecedented opportunities and will redefine the conventional rigid optoelectronics in biological application and medical measurement. However, a significant bottleneck lies in the brittleness nature of rigid semiconductor materials and the(More)
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