Changxin Xu

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Exploration of design spaces is an important step in decision-based design. In consumer product development, precise design specifications are not known at the beginning of the design process. It is usually design team’s responsibility to find out the specifications as a part of the design process. This results in large design spaces in consumer product(More)
1 Corresponding Author ABSTRACT In multiple interaction-state mechatronic devices the interactions between elements of use-environment and elements of the device can have different qualitative structures depending upon the modes of the device operation and the states of the use-environment. This paper describes a modeling framework to support conceptual(More)
During the cyber security construction process, how to set proper security standard and investment quota in accordance with the important degree of its information is a universal problem of enterprises. We propose a dynamic Invest-Attack Model based on Information Asymmetry between the protectors and attackers of cyber security and make RD analysis to the(More)
To solve many issues that exist in supply chain management in publishing enterprises in China, combined with an innovative mode case for Tsinghua University Press, this article has proposed a strategy named as integration of branch press platform and distributor. Several comparisons between and analysis of the new strategic mode and outdated supply chain(More)
Based on the analysis of two current representative modes of financial subsidy to agricultural water by introducing the theory of economics, this paper, set up an incentive model of water-saving in the premise of financial subsidy, in order to explore a financial subsidy mode on agricultural water and agriculture water price mechanism suitable for present(More)
Increasingly, complex mechatronic systems are being designed to have higher levels of autonomy and intelligence. This requires them to operate in multiple interaction-states. To facilitate computeraided conceptual design of complex mechatronic systems, this paper provides a framework for modeling design concepts behind mechatronic systems with multiple(More)
In order to enrich management ideas and enhance managerial levels of internal ports, three longitudinal strategic union-based double-pie graph supply chain groups are designed in this paper, by basing it on the project of ldquoMapping and Planning of Rizhao Portpsilas Economy and Portsrdquo, and considering the developing trend of the industries of Rizhao(More)
Environmental regulations are the key measure by which governments achieve sustainable environmental and economic development. This study aimed to determine the direct and indirect impacts of environmental regulations on total factor energy efficiency of regions in China. Since regions have different levels of economic development and resource endowment, we(More)
1 Corresponding Author ABSTRACT In order to reduce product development time, we need software tools that can perform automated validation of the proposed design concepts. These tools will ensure that only valid design concepts are transferred to the detailed design stage for further development. This paper provides a step towards the automated validation of(More)