Changxin Tang

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A simply and reproducible way is proposed to significantly suppress the nucleation density of graphene on the copper foil during the chemical vapor deposition process. By inserting a copper foil into a tube with one close end, the nucleation density on the copper foils can be reduced by more than five orders of magnitude and an ultra-low nucleation density(More)
This paper reports an approach for the generation of mo-lybdenum disulfide nanostructures by the sulfidation of patterned sub-300 nm features of molybdenum metal. Our method can be used to pattern arbitrary shapes of MoS 2 nano-structures with independent control over their width, height, and length. In addition, we can control the orientation of the(More)
In order to test recently predicted ballistic nanofriction (ultra-low drag and enhanced lubricity) of gold nanocrystals on graphite at high surface speeds, we use the quartz microbalance technique to measure the impact of deposition of gold nanocrystals on graphene. We analyze our measurements of changes in frequency and dissipation induced by nanocrystals(More)
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