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Over the last decade we have witnessed the relentless technological improvement in flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) and they have many advantages over hard disk drives (HDDs) as a secondary storage such as performance and power consumption. However, the random write performance in SSDs still remains as a concern. Even in modern SSDs, the disparity(More)
In the era of smartphones and mobile computing, many popular applications such as Facebook, twitter, Gmail, and even Angry birds game manage their data using SQLite. This is mainly due to the development productivity and solid transactional support. For transactional atomicity, however, SQLite relies on less sophisticated but costlier page-oriented(More)
Virtualization technology has been widely adopted in Internet hosting centers and cloud-based computing services, since it reduces the total cost of ownership by sharing hardware resources among virtual machines (VMs). In a virtualized system, a virtual machine monitor (VMM) is responsible for allocating physical resources such as CPU and memory to(More)
Today, systems software is too complex to be bug-free. To find bugs in systems software, developers often rely on code checkers, like Linux's Sparse. However, the capability of existing tools used in commodity, large-scale systems is limited to finding only <i>shallow bugs</i> that tend to be introduced by simple programmer mistakes, and so do not require a(More)
With increasing demand of big-data processing and faster in-memory databases, cloud providers are gearing towards large virtualized instances rather than horizontal scalability. However, our experiments reveal that such instances in popular cloud services (e.g., 32 vCPUs with 208 GB supported by Google Compute Engine) do not achieve the desired scalability(More)
In recent years, operating systems have become increasingly complex and thus more prone to security and performance issues. Accordingly, system updates to address these issues have become more frequently available and increasingly important. To complete such updates, users must reboot their systems, resulting in unavoidable down-time and further loss of the(More)