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True random number generators (TRNGs) are crucial to the implementations of cryptographic algorithms and protocols. The quality of randomness directly influences the security of cryptographic systems. Oscillator-based sampling is popular in the design of TRNGs due to its nice properties of elegant structure and high speed. However, the credibility of(More)
The East China Sea Seafloor Observatory, the Xiaoqushan seafloor observatory which located between 30° 31′44″N, 122° 15′12″E and 30°31′34″N,122°14′40″E, was built on April 21st, 2009. The submarine optical fiber composite power cable is landed on the platform by The East(More)
The diffusion coefficient of isopropanol in alkaline medium using electrochemical methods on Pd electrode has been studied by linear sweep voltammetry (LSV) with different sweep rate and chronoamperometry in 1.0 M KOH solution containing 1.0 M isopropanol. Isopropanol oxidation on the Pd electrode is an irreversible charge-transport process and controlled(More)
Seafloor observatories enable long term, continuous and multidisciplinary observations, promising major breakthroughs in marine environment research. The effort to remotely control in situ multidisciplinary equipment performing individual and cooperative tasks is both a challenge and a guarantee for the stable operations of functional observatories. With(More)
More and more intelligent functions are proposed, designed and implemented in meters to make the power supply be smart. However, these complex functions also bring risks to the smart meters, and they become susceptible to vulnerabilities and attacks. We present the rat-group attack in this paper, which exploits the vulnerabilities of smart meters in the(More)
One of the major issues concerning undersea observation data is data distribution characterized by multi-disciplinary, multi-parameter and weather-independent continuous observations. It describes the data distribution system for Xiaoqushan Submarine Comprehensive Observation and Marine Equipment Test Platform (XSCOMETP). Based on the design of C/S(More)
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