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Deletion of OSBPL2 in auditory cells increases cholesterol biosynthesis and drives reactive oxygen species production by inhibiting AMPK activity
The regulatory roles of OSBPL2 in cellular cholesterol biosynthesis and ROS production are uncovered and might contribute to the deep understanding of the pathogenesis of OSbpl2 mutation in ADNSHL.
25-hydroxycholesterol down-regulates oxysterol binding protein like 2 (OSBPL2) via the p53/SREBF2/NFYA signaling pathway
It is concluded that pleomorphic adenoma gene 1 (PLAG1) and NFYA participated in the basal transcription of OSBPL2 and that 25-OHC decreased the transcription of OD2 via the p53/SREBF2/NFYA signaling pathway, which will accumulate over time in OSB PL2 knockdown cells.
OSBPL2 deficiency upregulate SQLE expression increasing intracellular cholesterol and cholesteryl ester by AMPK/SP1 and SREBF2 signalling pathway.
The mechanism of OSBPL2 deficiency in the upregulation of squalene epoxidase (SQLE) and the subsequent accumulation of intracellular cholesterol and cholesteryl ester is explored, which provides new evidence of the connection between OSB PL2 and cholesterol synthesis.
Comparative transcriptome analysis of auditory OC-1 cells and zebrafish inner ear tissues in the absence of human OSBPL2 orthologues.
Novel pathways modulated by OSBPL2 orthologues are identified, providing new insight into the mechanism of hearing loss induced by OSbpl2 deficiency.
Dynamic expression analysis of armc10, the homologous gene of human GPRASP2, in zebrafish embryos
Novel insight is provided into the spatial and temporal mRNA expression of armc10 in zebrafish, for the further investigation of nervous system diseases.