Changsong Hu

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We introduce a new iterative scheme with Meir-Keeler contractions for strict pseudocontractions in q-uniformly smooth Banach spaces. We also discuss the strong convergence theorems for the new iterative scheme in q-uniformly smooth Banach space. Our results improve and extend the corresponding results announced by many others.
Image segmentation plays a preliminary and indispensable step in medical image processing. Image segmentation plays a crucial role in many medical imaging applications. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm called image Filtering spatial Kernel Fuzzy C-Means(FKFCM) for fuzzy segmentation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)data. The algorithm is(More)
Ex-situ and in-situ catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP) of biomass over HZSM-5 were compared in a two-stage fluidized-bed/fixed-bed combination reactor. Ex-situ CFP gave a similar carbon yield of aromatics+olefins (∼20%) with in-situ CFP but produced much more olefins (10.3% vs. 5.8%) and less char+coke (42.7% vs. 48.4%). The effects of weight hourly space(More)
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